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Our Story
Our Story

Our Roots.

Hey - thanks Uncle Joe

It all started during the Great Depression - with Joe Primanti operating a small sandwich cart in Pittsburgh's now-historic Strip District, an area that even in 1933 was a bustling hub of activity. Strong sales allowed Joe to open a storefront that year - feeding hungry truck drivers and shift workers at all hours of the day.

Our Sandwich

Our Sandwich.

Inspiration Meets Opportunity

The story might be half hazy memory, half lore - but it's all true. According to Joe's cousin John DiPriter: "One winter someone drove up with a load of potatoes. He brought them over to the restaurant to see if they were frozen. I fried the potatoes on our grill and they looked pretty good. A few customers asked for them - so I tossed them on the sandwich." The sandwich was an instant hit - allowing all of the drivers working near the restaurant to eat with one hand - and drive their truck with the other.

Our Future

Our Future.

To Another 100 Years

And for our next act? We're bringing Primanti Bros. closer to you than ever before. Pittsburgh's Strip District will always be our original neighborhood - but we're working every day to bring a new Primanti Bros. to yours.

We'll always be who we've always been - fresh, house-made ingredients, big sandwiches and awesome deals on the coldest drinks. So pull up a barstool, order a drink or a sandwich and settle in.

Looking for a Taste of the Original?

Toni Haggerty's been here since the beginning. Or at least closer to the beginning than anyone else who's here now. So we've kind of just got to take her word for it. Want to know us? Then you've got to know Toni.