Got a question? We got answers.

The Big One

What about my free sandwich?

It's on the way! Four hours after you first sign-up with the Primanti Bros. app - you'll be getting a coupon for a FREE sandwich with the purchase of a non-alcoholic beverage. Unfortunetly, due laws involving alcohol - the deal is only good with the purchase of a non-alcoholic drink. If you want a beer, have at it, pal! But it won't qualify you for the free sandwich.

General Stuff

What is the Primanti Bros. Rewards Program?

Primanti Bros. Rewards is an app-based loyalty program designed to thank our fans (that’s you!). Rewards members receive points for every transaction ($1 spent = 1 point) by scanning their receipts with our Primanti Bros. App. Expect bonus points, random rewards, and special gifts to come your way!

How do I get points for my purchases at Primanti Bros.?

It’s simple to earn points for your Primanti Bros. purchases: 1) Scan the bar code on the bottom of your itemized receipt with the Primanti Bros. App. That’s it! Make sure you’re using the itemized receipt. The barcode will not print on the receipt you get after a credit card transaction. You will earn points on all food purchases. Alcohol, retail and tip not included, pal.

Can I redeem my rewards at any Primanti Bros. location?

You can earn points and redeem rewards at any participating restaurant. At this time this program is not valid at our restaurants in Florida or in professional sports stadiums.

When should I scan my itemized receipt?

Scan at the end of your visit. You will only be able to scan one receipt that was generated every 4 hours. Scan at noon -- your next eligible receipt will be at 4.

Do I get reward points for alcohol purchases?

At this time, Primanti Bros. rewards are only earned and can only be redeemed on the purchase of food. We wish it was different – but that’s the law!

Do I get reward points for gift card purchases or for retail items?

Points are not awarded for gift card purchases or retail items. They are awarded when you redeem the gift card for food purchases at Primanti Bros.

Do my points or $10 rewards ever expire?

Currently your points and $10 rewards do not expire. Special offers we send you do have a limit time to redeem so make sure to check the message in your app Inbox for the details of active offers.

When I redeem awards points, will I receive additional points on that food item?

Nope. Sorry! We've already given it to you for free! Cut us a break!

How About Online Orders?

Can I earn points and redeem rewards on online orders?

Yes! Earning points for online orders is automatic if you are logged into your account and no additional action is needed from you (you don’t need to scan the receipt bar code).

So You Told Your Friends...

I refered all my friends! Why don't I have any points yet?

Once your referred pal comes into the restuarant and uses the app -- you'll get your bonus points! Call 'em up and tell them to get with it!

The Specifics.

What if I order $11.74? Do I get 11 or 12 points?

Transactions are rounded to the nearest dollar amount from the sub total (before tax). For example: a purchase from $11.00 to $11.49 would round down to 11 points, but a purchase of $11.50 to $11.99 would round up to 12 points.

If I have 50 points, can I get a $5 reward?

No. Rewards are earned in $10 increments when you have 100 points. You must hit 100 points before you get a reward.

If I have multiple $10 rewards earned through the app, can I redeem all of them at once?

Yes! If you have saved up your rewards, you’re welcome to redeem them in any increment you’d like. Just remember that you must have 100 points to get each $10 reward.

Can I transfer a $10 reward from the app onto a Primanti Bros. gift card?

No, Primanti Bros. Rewards App rewards cannot be transferred to gift cards; they're valid on food purchases only. You must redeem them through the app for dollars off your Primanti Bros. meal.

What if I activate a reward and then don't use it in the 4-hour window?

The reward or offer is reset for use at another time (so it’s not lost). You’ll find it in your Inbox after the 4-hour window.

What if I activate a reward but my check total is lower than the reward amount I activated?

The excess reward not used will go back on your app. For instance, if you activate a $10 reward but your check is only $7.50, $2.50 will go back onto your Primanti Bros. Rewards account to use another time.

What if I have a $10 reward and other offer that I received through the app? Can I use both at the same time?

No. You can only use one redemption code at a time. Each reward within the program is separate and cannot be combined with any other offer.

What if I end up going to Primanti Bros. twice in one day?

To deter fraud you can only redeem a reward or earn points once every 4 hour period. Scan at noon -- your next eligible receipt will be at 4p. So, have a drink and kick back until then!

What if something goes wrong with my transaction in the app once I have left Primanti Bros. Do I need to come back to the restaurant to fix the issues?

Nope! We have a team ready to take care of any of your app issues that may arise. We will make sure you get all your points, and that you’re always satisfied (because that’s just what we do, pretty cool, eh). Just go to the help section in your app and let us know!

Can I change my email address?

Unfortunately, no. You will have to create a new account and your account activity would have to be manually moved by a Primanti Team Member.