Tailgate Trio Take Out Deals

Huddle Up Any Time
Football season is the perfect time for these take-out deals!

Extra Point - $34.99
2 14" Cheese Pizzas
1 Bucket of Bone-In or Boneless Wings

Field Goal - $59.99
8 Classic Primanti Bros. Half Sandwiches
2 Buckets of Bone-In or Boneless Wings

Touchdown - $99.99
8 Classic Primanti Bros. Half Sandwiches
2 14" Cheese Pizzas
2 Buckets of Bone-In or Boneless Wings
2 Orders of Mozzarella Wedges

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Daily Drink Specials

Every day is a new adventure, and every adventure needs a beer special to go along with it, right? That’s why Primanti Bros. has a different draft on sale every day of the week - 16 oz and 23 oz. (Friday’s specials are the same for the whole month - check our other promos to keep current!).

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Pizza Feast

Spread the word – it’s a pizza feast! If there's anything people enjoy more than pizza, it's probably pizza with wings and a salad and some liquid refreshments tossed in. That's why we're offering the Primanti Pizza Feast - available Tuesday and Thursday, open to close, with enough choices to make your whole crew happy.

Get a 14" 8-cut pizza with 3 toppings, salad & pop for only $14.99! Make it a 18" 12-cut for $16.99. Turn that pop into a pitcher of domestic beer for $3.00 (dine-in only).

GO BEAST and add any or all of the following for just $5 each:

  • Medium Wings
  • 8 Boneless Wings
  • Queso and Chips
  • Mozzarella Wedges
  • BLT or Retro Tots

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Half Priced Happy Hour

End Your Workday Right

EVERYDAY, Primanti Bros. invites you to celebrate your independence from work with half-priced drinks, beer, and wine! No matter if that is an 9-5 independence or burning the weekend oil, the best complement to freedom is half-priced drinks and freshly baked Really Big Pizza Slices. All of this can be yours - simply visit your favorite Primanti Bros. location OR click around our location pages!

In Indiana? Have no fear! Instead of Half Priced Happy Hour, we're giving you Half Priced Drinks ALL DAY FRIDAY and great specials every other day of the week!

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Late Night Deals @ 9PM

BIG FOOD. BIG VALUE. Starting at only 4 bucks!

You put it off all day. You were gonna eat. And now most places are either closing or just offering peanuts & chips.

Get something serious. Right here. Sandwiches, wings, appetizers & more.

Real food. Big portions. Bigger value.

Available items may vary by location. Dine In Only.

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