More New Locations! Less Driving.

Dec 2, 2015

We've been busy recently, opening new restaurants so fans won't have to schlep all the way to Pittsburgh. And we appreciate the welcoming friends in Maryland, (Hagerstown), Ohio (Boardman), Pennsylvania (Erie, State College, Washington, York -- and our newest in Altoona), and West Virginia (Clarksburg, Morgantown, Wheeling).

Wherever you see a new Primanti Bros. sign, you know it's the real thing. No franchises; no knockoffs; no compromises. We want to reward your visit with the best food, drinks and service we can provide. We're looking to make Fans, not just "customers".

So as we open more locations -- maybe nearer to you -- we thank you for coming to hang with us and welcoming us to your neighborhood. Plus you won't have to drive so far.