Do You Ship Sandwiches?


It's been a long time coming. We wanted to be sure we got it right -- to give you everything needed to get the Almost Famous quality sandwich you love. Get on over to our friends at and order online! The Primanti Party Pack& includes everything to build four sandwiches, plus a limited edition PBros t-shirt.

Do You Franchise?

No, we do not. We sincerely appreciate your interest and love of Primanti Bros., but we’re a well-oiled machine at this point. So don’t take it personally.

Do You Have Any Gluten-Free Items On Your Menu?

Yeah, but they’re mostly soft drinks. Primanti Bros. is actually pretty glutenous - however, we’re working on a few options that’ll make all of our fans happy.

Is There Mayonnaise In Your Cole Slaw?

Nope, no mayo in our slaw. A vinegar-based cole slaw is part of what makes our signature Primanti Bros. sandwiches so special. That, and love, of course.

Do You Cater?

Of course. We'll do whatever you need! From box lunches to office parties to weddings. Just call your local restaurant and ask for a manager.